Saturday, October 15, 2005

Annual Report

The Man Who Plans to Retire at 37 (RET37) Report First Annual Results

RET37 today reported that total wealth (net assets) in date of September 30th amounted to 129k, a 52% increase over previous year. Total earnings were thus $44k for the year. This better than expected result is mainly due to better wages and better investment gains.

In the quarter ending September 30th, earnings decreased to $7700 from $9000 in the previous quarter. The decrease is due to lower gains on investments. Assets in the quarter decreased to $192k from $196k in the previous quarter, due to a payment on a student loan. Liabilities decreased to $63k, down from $75k, thanks to the student loan refund and a mortgage payment. Liabilities include $31k put aside in provision accounts, comprising $22k for contingencies, $3200 future tax provision, $200 for travel, $600 for car repairs, $1500 for home repairs and $2000 to counter bad investing days.

Expenses were stable compared to the previous quarter.

Next quarter previsions
In the next quarter, an increase in working wages is expected. This increase is projected to be 3%. Expenses will also increase resulting from higher heating bills. Investments are likely to decrease for the first time in a year, due to falling stock markets. So far in the 13 first days in the quarter, investments in stock have decreased nearly 5%. About 40% of investments are in stocks, the remaining being invested in bonds, real estate income funds and cash. I plan to increase the ratio of stock exposure to over 60% in the coming months, once I judge that the market is ready to go up again.


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From RET35:
Congrats! 52% increase in net from last year is quite an accomplishment. Keep the momentum heading in that direction and you will retire well befor 37. Hey, can you enable RSS on your blog? I'd like to add your blog to my RSS reader so I will see your posts without having to go directly to your blog. Thanks,,,

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Can't you access the RSS feed on

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Got it. Thanks,,

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