Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Not yet

The signal is not confirmed.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Buy Signal tomorrow morning?

Watch for a possible buy signal, tomorrow morning on the S&P 500. Technical indicators are set for this signal, tomorrow's pre-market has yet to show positive open for the signal to occur.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Annual Report

The Man Who Plans to Retire at 37 (RET37) Report First Annual Results

RET37 today reported that total wealth (net assets) in date of September 30th amounted to 129k, a 52% increase over previous year. Total earnings were thus $44k for the year. This better than expected result is mainly due to better wages and better investment gains.

In the quarter ending September 30th, earnings decreased to $7700 from $9000 in the previous quarter. The decrease is due to lower gains on investments. Assets in the quarter decreased to $192k from $196k in the previous quarter, due to a payment on a student loan. Liabilities decreased to $63k, down from $75k, thanks to the student loan refund and a mortgage payment. Liabilities include $31k put aside in provision accounts, comprising $22k for contingencies, $3200 future tax provision, $200 for travel, $600 for car repairs, $1500 for home repairs and $2000 to counter bad investing days.

Expenses were stable compared to the previous quarter.

Next quarter previsions
In the next quarter, an increase in working wages is expected. This increase is projected to be 3%. Expenses will also increase resulting from higher heating bills. Investments are likely to decrease for the first time in a year, due to falling stock markets. So far in the 13 first days in the quarter, investments in stock have decreased nearly 5%. About 40% of investments are in stocks, the remaining being invested in bonds, real estate income funds and cash. I plan to increase the ratio of stock exposure to over 60% in the coming months, once I judge that the market is ready to go up again.

Friday, October 14, 2005

What's Your Time Worth?: Money & Happiness - Yahoo! Finance

What's Your Time Worth?: Money & Happiness - Yahoo! Finance: "Which brings me to the point of this column: What's your time worth? From an economic perspective, is it better to mow your own lawn or pay a service? Iron your own shirts or send them out? Cook or buy take out?"

Monday, October 10, 2005

Saving on printer ink

I have been printing quite a lot of photos recently, most of them in 8x10 format. Regular ink cartridge cost about 25$ for my printer, and you have just enough ink to print 10 color photos.

Printer companies have been playing an odd game for many years: they are nearly giving away the printer, but charge you many times the value of ink cartridges. In order to ensure you will buy THEIR cartridges, ink cartridges are fancy, including electronic devices that make them impossible for other vendors to imitate. Thus, they make sure you will buy the cartridge that fit your printer.

But there is an inexpensive alternative: buying ink refill kit. For instance, I bought for 12$ a black refill kit and for 13$ a color refill kit. Lexmark's (my printer brand) cartridges contain 10ml of ink, while each kit contains 90ml. Thus, you can fill your cartridges 9 times.

Instead of paying 9 x 25$ + 9 x 30$ = 495$, you pay just 25$. Nice saving, isn't?